I often reminisce on my days as a youngster and I admire the carefree, ecstatic lightheartedness that encompassed my daily life. What I appreciate most about being an artist is the freedom to create and express myself with no rules however and whenever I like. Creating for me is similar to going through a time machine, back to 1989, to a time when my worries were non-existent and love and happiness reigned. The soundtrack to my whimsical wonderland ranges from the high notes of Cyndi Lauper to the lows of David Bowie. I am thankful for my ability to create things imaginary and sometimes things that make no sense at all because I love it and it makes me happy. Another bonus is that it makes others happy too. My art takes you through my imagination to a world of creatures big and small, feathered and scaled, stinky and hairy! My appreciation and love for all creatures especially those living in and around the sea is omnipresent in my art. The reality that is adult life can cause people to shy away from being who they want to be. If there is one message I want to share with the youth today it is to let go of  judgment and just be happy. On that note…raaaaarrrrrrrrr!


My Story

Born on Long Island, New York. Raised by the ocean in Flagler Beach, Florida. My love for art and animals sprouted at a very young age. I was inspired as a child by my loving mother who is also an artist. I used to watch her work on her creations and it wasn't long before I was painting right beside her. She always encouraged me to create art and do what makes me happy. It was the best advice I could ask for.